Why Taking Care Of Mental Health Is Important For Students In India? 

By Ishika S.

9th August, 2023

Mental health refers to a state of emotional, cognitive and behavioural wellbeing. It is all about the individual’s thought process and how it reflects feelings and behaviour.


“Here’s the importance of mental health for students in India”

Students who prioritise their mental health are better able to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, which can lead to better academic performance

Good Mental Health Can Improve Academic Performance

Good Mental Health Can Help You Manage Stres

A student with a focused mental status knows how to handle stress and is able to brush it off without feeling overwhelmed.

Good mental health helps a student succeed and deal with life problems without stress. In order to become successful, being calm plays an important role, it helps you think clearly.

Good Mental Health Can Help You Succeed In Life

Good Mental Health Leads To Better Relationships

Good mental health can lead to improved social connections with peers or family as when you’re happy within yourself, you tend to pass it on to people who are dear to you.

Hence, prioritising mental health can lead to overall well being and a more content life.