6 Tips To Write A Movie Review As An Amateur

July 28, 2022

It's not easy to write a movie review. But I am here to make the process easy. A movie review can let the viewers know whether to spend their time on the movie or not, so it's pretty important you get it right.

Watch it yourself and be judge of the film. Your review will keep becoming better with every watch, so watch it in theatres and watch it when it releases on OTT, but the key is to watch it at least once.

Watch The Movie

Take Notes

While watching the movie, list down what you liked and what you didn’t. No opinion is too small or irrelevant. For example, did you think the dialogue in one scene just didn’t make sense? Write it all down!

While a film is a self-contained story, the actors, directors don’t live in a limbo. It’s good to reflect on their earlier work and compare and contrast with the film you’re reviewing.


Technical Details

Editing, cinematography and the musicality of the film are as important as any other details. Did a scene transition feel jarring? Did that one romantic kiss become elevated because of the music? 


Make the introduction engaging. Then write down some details like actors, directors and jump to the plot, followed by music and so on. End it with a conclusion that rates your experience.

Edit: It’s time to sleep on the article and approach it with a fresh mind now. Re-read it, add in what you missed and edit it as much as you can. See, it's that easy!