7 Tips To Write An Impressive Cover Letter

July 19 2022

Read more about the organization and position in question, talk to peers and seniors, Google what others have to say about it.

Research thoroughly


Pen a strong opening statement A potential employer gets hundreds of applications, so you have to make yours stand out.

You need to sound motivated about the role you are applying for. If the employer doesn't believe that you will contribute positively, they are not likely to hire you.

Enthusiastic tone

What you bring to the table

Write to them about your strengths and capabilities, past experience, future goals etc.

Strike a balance between covering all the important points mentioned before, and maintaining a word-limit that is easy to read.

Keeping it short

Asking questions

Don't take everything they say at face value. If you have questions or concerns about the organization or role, you should make it a point to highlight these.

Once you are done penning your cover letter, send it to a friend, an industry expert or someone you trust.

Asking for feedback