8 Points To Keep In Mind While Writing On Taboo Topics

August 08, 2022

What is the meaning of taboo? It’s something that’s forbidden to talk about on social, cultural or religious grounds. Taboo topics are anything from politics to religion to sex.


A taboo is something that’s banned on the grounds of moral or cultural sensitivities. Does that mean we can’t write on them? Surely not.

You should be passionate about what the topic. A personal narrative can help users connect to the experience, while spreading awareness.

Understand The Why


It’s pivotal you read up on the subject you have chosen. Every theme will have scores of writers who have been writing on it, and their words can help compare and contrast with other people’s experiences and help you write a more informed article.

Are you unsure about a certain word you’ve used? Are you confused about writing on a marginalized identity? Why not google it and find out if it’s offensive. You can ask around you too.



Yes, you will need intersectionality here too. Say you want to write about menstruation in India. Menstruators come from all walks of life, it would be unfair to club them under singular story types.


Now that you have the material with you, you are overwhelmed with the information out there. It’s time to organize and categorize it. How do you want the story to flow? Now that you are writing it, keep the tone easy and conversational.

Sleep On It

You’ve written the first draft, now it’s time to leave it be and revisit in 12 hours or so. Go over it once more, edit it (here’s how you can self edit) and check if the article flows well.

In the age of online backlash and trolling, sensitive topics like ones on taboos related to religion can get you in hot water. It would be wise to get it vetted before you publish it.