Climate Correspondents

The Youth Ki Awaaz Climate Correspondents' Programme is a 12-week, work-from-home/anywhere programme for writers passionate about climate action and related issues. Through one-on-one interaction with and feedback from our team of experienced editors, the programme enables young changemakers in analysing and interpreting data around climate change, reporting local events and enhancing their understanding of crucial intersections.

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Meet The Climate Correspondents

Abhishek Pandeyar

Abhishek is an IIM Calcuta student who aims to create awareness about climate crisis, the impact of which he’s been experiencing in his home state, the once ‘untouched’ hills.

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Lilly Paul

Lilly, who is currently working with the Press Trust of India, wishes to establish herself as a climate reporter and wants her stories to reach out to young changemakers for maximum impact on environmental issues.

Location: Delhi

Nehara Pandey

Nehara is a college student who is deeply passionate about conservation. She is especially interested in marine conservation and has conducted many peer education workshops and online campaigns on the same.

Location: Goa

Prabhat Misra

Prabhat is Deputy Director, National Savings with the government of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, runs an anti-deforestation 'Red Tape Movement', Green Oath Monday and is the founder of the world's first Toilet Parliament.

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Pragya Uike

Pragya Uike, a law student who belongs to the Tribal community wants to propel the conversation on how climate change is impacting the lifestyle of the Adivasis in various parts of India. She wishes to leverage the Climate Correspondents’ platform to escalate the discourse with the hope to bring about a policy change.

Location: Chhattisgarh

Priyanka Ganeriwal

Priyanka believes that to make a change it’s important to collaborate with civil authorities and local communities and wishes to make an impact through climate action with the same approach.

Location: Tamil Nadu

Saumya Rastogi

Saumya writes extensively on environmental issues in her endeavour to understand the correlation between human existence and nature and how both can coexist in harmony.

Location: New Delhi

Sayan Basak

Growing up in the busy city of Kolkata, Sayan Basak realized that everyone tries to be the mundane who seeks to fit in the environment. This is a small effort by him to make people feel that everyone is an artist who does not try to adjust but transcends to evolve with the environment. He urges everyone to change themselves for once because the trees will tell their secrets to those that tune in.

Location: West Bengal

Shilpita Mathews

Shilpita is currently pursuing Masters in Environmental Economics and Climate Change at the London School of Economics, and is passionate about using economic policy to engender climate justice.

Location: London

Sourajit Aiyer

Sourajit is a financial services professional, author, writer & guest-lecturer. He has worked with both traditional & sustainable finance organisations and has been ardently sharing his expertise on the economics of climate change.

Location: Tamil Nadu

Sunil Kumar

Sunil is a researcher, law teaching professional and an author and a writer. He likes to creatively engage with climate change related issues and aims to spread meaningful and informed awareness among people on environmental concerns. He is particularly vocal in his analysis on the effectiveness of law and role of governmental policies to alleviate the environmental threats.

Location: Punjab

Tejal S Deore

Tejal is a college student and an environmentalist, driven towards tackling climate crisis, which she believes is a small price humans have to pay for the massive destruction caused by them.

Location: Maharashtra

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