3 Courses That Helped Me Get 6 Internships

By Internshala

Jan 20, 2018

When I was in my second year of BBA, I went to an internship fair at DTU, Delhi. I remember how difficult it was for me to score an internship. 


My dashboard that earlier showed ‘Not selected’ now showed ‘Hired’ or ‘In Touch’.

I didn’t get selected for an internship, maybe because I didn’t have the right skills. The rejections left me disappointed, and I stopped applying further.

Rejected By Companies

Internshala Trainins

Then, I came to know about Internshala Trainings. I enrolled myself in advance excel, business communication skills, and digital marketing.

I reworded my resume and added these skills to it. I began applying for internships once again; this time I got selected for four out of the six internships I had applied to.

How To Get Internships

Internship Experience

I would tell the interviewers about the training programmes that I had pursued and the responsibilities I handled in my previous internships.

Owing to my previous four internships and three training programmes, I was hired in reputed organizations without any interview!