5 Best Books Written By IAS Officers?

By Ishika S.

17 January, 2024

Wondering what are 5 best books written by IAS officers? Check this web story out for more.

1. “Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier: IAS Unmasked” – M.K. Kaw

- An insider's perspective on civil services, revealing flaws from top to bottom. - Originally released in 1930, this book's demand has only grown, with a revised edition featuring 15 additional chapters.

- Written by a 1953 IAS graduate, it explores Rajiv Gandhi's tenure as India's prime minister. - Portrays the journey of an individual committed to honesty in the face of top-level political deliberations.

2. “The Honest Always Stand Alone” – C.G. Somiah

- Jadhav's personal story, born into a Dalit household, details the adversities and efforts to break free from the caste system. - An eye-opening account of the struggles faced by 165 million Dalits in India, highlighting the ongoing fight for equality.

3. “Untouchables: My Family’s Triumphant Escape From India’s Caste System” – Narendra Jadhav

4. “The Service Of The State: The IAS Reconsidered” – Bhaskar Ghose:

- Ghose, with 36 years of IAS expertise, addresses the applicability and importance of the Indian Administrative Service in contemporary India. - An insightful memoir offering both a contemporary argument and a depiction of a career devoted to the state.

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- Dawra reflects on her time in charge of the district of Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh. - Highlights the significant gap between policy development and its actual implementation.

5. “Poor But Spirited in Karimnagar” – Sumita Dawra: