5 Common Mistakes Students Make In Board Exams?

By Ishika

5 January, 2024

Wondering what are the 5 common mistakes that students make in board exams? Check this web story out for more.


“Here’s what not to do while studying for board exams”

Students often struggle with time management during exams, spending too much time on certain questions and rushing through others. Practice time-management strategies during preparation to avoid this mistake.

1. Not Managing Time Effectively:

2. Ignoring Exam Instructions:

Failing to carefully read and follow exam instructions can lead to unnecessary errors. Take a moment to understand the question paper format, marking scheme, and any specific instructions provided by the examiners.

Some students underestimate the importance of revision. Regularly reviewing and consolidating what you've studied helps reinforce concepts and ensures better retention during exams.

3. Neglecting Revision:

4. Panicking Over a Tough Question:

When faced with a challenging question, students might panic and spend too much time on it, compromising the opportunity to score points on other questions. It's essential to stay calm and move on to easier sections, returning to the challenging ones later if time permits.

Also, Neglecting health, including insufficient sleep and poor nutrition, can negatively impact exam performance. Students should prioritize self-care to maintain optimal physical and mental conditions during the exam period.