Best Books To Read In 2023

By Ishika S.

3 October

Wondering what are the best books to read in 2023? Check this web story to find out more:


“Here are the best books to read in 2023 according to Time

A Living Remedy, Nicole Chung

A Living Remedy dissects the inequities inherent to American society by recounting the challenges her parents faced in accessing medical care.

Jonathan Eig’s book on Martin Luther King Jr. is the first biography of the civil rights icon in decades. It’s a refreshing portrait of King.

King: A Life, Jonathan Eig

Set against a comprehensive backdrop of Argentine history, Our Share of Night offers an absorbing window into a terrifying, fantastical world.

Our Share of Night, Mariana Enriquez

Dyscalculia, Camonghne Felix

Dyscalculia is a memoir which is a striking meditation on pain, heartbreak, and what it takes to truly heal.

These were the best books to read in 2023. Hope the web-story was helpful.