What Are The Best Jobs In The World?

By Ishika

19 September

Wondering what are the best jobs in the world? Check this web story out to find more.


“Here are a list of the best jobs in the world”

Travel bloggers are known to have the best job in the world. Imagine getting paid to travel? As a travel blogger, you get to travel to different destinations nationally or internationally, and create visual and textual content for travel blogs/websites.

Travel Bloggers

Fashion Consultants

Fashion consultancy is also a great job. It can be taxing but if you’re a fashion lover, this will be a dream for you. Fashion consultants, also commonly referred to as stylists, work with clients to help them choose accessories, outfits and cosmetics, depending on their needs. This also gives you a chance to work with big celebrities.

Event planning is also known to be one of the best jobs of the world. Event planners may work independently or with event management companies to plan weddings, conferences, gatherings, concerts or religious functions. The main focus of their work lies in picking venues, managing logistics etc. Event management is great money too.

Event Planners


Someone has said it right, “Artists are free souls”. An artist is a self-employed individual who pursues their independent art practice, revolving around subjects and topics they are passionate about. Artists often work in collaboration with other artists, galleries etc. Being an artist and doing what you love is a dream job for many.

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