Best Books To Read On Indian History?

By Ishika

13 December, 2023

Wondering what are the best books to read on Indian history? Check this web story out to find out more.


“Here are 4 best books on Indian history”

This comprehensive book provides a well-rounded overview of India's history, spanning from ancient civilizations to modern times. Keay skillfully weaves together political, cultural, and social aspects, offering a thorough understanding.

1. “India: A History" by John Keay:

2. “The Discovery of India" by Jawaharlal Nehru:

Written by India's first Prime Minister, this book is a personal account of India's history. Nehru's narrative skillfully combines historical events with his own reflections, providing a unique perspective on the country's journey.

Focused on ancient India, Basham's work explores the cultural and intellectual achievements of India's past. It delves into topics like philosophy, science, and art, shedding light on the rich heritage of the subcontinent.

3. “The Wonder That Was India" by A.L. Basham:

4. “Ancient India" by R.S. Sharma:

As a distinguished historian, Sharma's book concentrates on the ancient period, offering insights into the social, economic, and political structures of ancient India. It's a valuable resource for understanding the roots of Indian civilization.

These books collectively provide a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of India's multifaceted history, making them essential reads for anyone interested in the subject.