Best Crime Thriller Books: Non Fiction

By Ishika S.

21 February, 2024

Crime thriller books, whether fiction or non-fiction, have a captivating allure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Non-fiction crime thrillers offer a unique blend of real-life events, investigations, and the human psyche, making them both compelling and thought-provoking.


4 best non-fiction crime thriller books are:

1. “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote:

Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” is a landmark work in the true crime genre. Published in 1966, it recounts the brutal murder of the Clutter family in rural Kansas and the subsequent investigation and capture of the perpetrators, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock. Capote’s masterful storytelling and in-depth research provide a chilling glimpse into the minds of the killers, the impact on the small community, and the pursuit of justice. Blurring the lines between journalism and literature, “In Cold Blood” remains a timeless classic that continues to captivate readers with its haunting prose and gripping narrative.

“I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” by Michelle McNamara is a riveting exploration of the hunt for the Golden State Killer, one of the most notorious serial predators in American history. McNamara, a true crime journalist, delves into the decades-long investigation, piecing together clues and personal anecdotes to unravel the mystery behind the elusive killer. Tragically, McNamara passed away before the book’s completion, but her relentless pursuit of the truth and her haunting prose make this a compelling and unforgettable read. With the recent capture of the Golden State Killer, “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” serves as a testament to the power of persistence and the impact of one woman’s unwavering determination to seek justice.

2. “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” by Michelle McNamara:

Erik Larson’s “The Devil in the White City” intertwines the true story of two men – Daniel H. Burnham, the architect behind the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and H.H. Holmes, a charming and diabolical serial killer. Set against the backdrop of the Gilded Age, Larson meticulously reconstructs the grandeur of the World’s Fair and the sinister activities unfolding in Holmes’ “Murder Castle.” Seamlessly blending history, architecture, and true crime, “The Devil in the White City” offers a mesmerizing portrait of an era marked by ambition, innovation, and darkness lurking beneath the surface.

3. “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson:

Non-fiction crime thriller books offer readers a captivating glimpse into real-life mysteries, investigations, and the complexities of the human psyche. From Truman Capote’s groundbreaking “In Cold Blood” to Michelle McNamara’s relentless pursuit of the Golden State Killer in “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” these books exemplify the power of storytelling to illuminate the darkest corners of the criminal world.