Best Masters Courses After BA In Economics?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

28th August, 2023

BA Economics is a subject that covers every facet of the financial and banking industries.


Here are some of the best masters courses after BA in Economics

Economics at the advanced level entails a comprehensive and in-depth study of Economics as a discipline. This postgraduate degree programme generally includes the study of economic theory principles, micro-and macroeconomics, etc.

Master Of Arts In Economics

Master of Arts in Applied Economics

The Master of Arts in Applied Economics programme lasts two years on average, however, this varies by location. In today’s worldwide world, an M.A. (Applied Economics) degree is quite valuable.

The Masters of Business Economics (MBE) programme is a postgraduate programme that teaches microeconomics, macroeconomics, quantitative methodologies, and applied environmental economic principles. 

Master Of Business Economics

Master Of Business Administration

The majority of people assume that having a BA stops you from getting an MBA. MBA programmes are available after graduation in a variety of fields, including Arts, Commerce, and Science.

A BA Economics graduate, whether foreign or local, will be able to analyze and provide professional opinions and ideas on many economic aspects of an industry.