Best Masters Courses After BA In Journalism?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

28th August, 2023

Not only does Journalism provide with the power of knowledge, it also tests one's ethics and independence.


Here are some of the best masters courses after BA in Journalism

This program explores the theoretical and practical foundations, implementation, and business models that make up the digital business and delivers all key competencies required in the corporate world today.

Master in Digital Business

MA In Film

Film-making and criticism are areas of immense interest, pleasure, and creativity. In particular, students will develop skills in the analysis of film and media arts and apply these skills in the production of creative projects and critical work.

Students will gain specialist knowledge in the areas of consumption, traditional media and social media, globalisation, representation, popular culture and more.

MA Society, Culture And Media

Master In Business Communication

This degree combining marketing, advertising, and public relations introduces our students to the reality of the professional world through an exciting job placement program, at the same time as it provides them with a sound and broad foundation necessary.

Journalism is not only about writing straight news stories, which can't always strike as something exciting and creative, this profession allows the use of a great many talents and gifts one possesses. A Master in Journalism and Mass Communication is an exciting first step toward a career in this demanding and rewarding industry.