Best PG Courses After MBBS

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

23rd August, 2023

For an MBBS graduate, it is a dream to pursue a career in medicine with a postgraduate degree. You can hardly excel in the medical industry without any specialization in the stream of your interest.


Here are some of the best PG courses after MBBS

Among medical PG courses in India, Radiology or Radio-Diagnosis is the most sought-after course among PG medical students. A medical specialty, clinical radiology is using imaging to diagnose as well as treat various diseases.

Radiology and Radio-Diagnosis

General Medicine

A postgraduate in medicine is majorly opted by most medical graduates due to the increasing demand for general practitioners. With more general medicine seats in medical colleges across the country, you can opt for this PG course after MBBS.

You can pick either an MS or an MD in Anatomy as a PG medical course in India. In the 2-year post-graduation after MBBS course, you study the bodily structures of living beings, as well as living organisms.


Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine has gained much prominence among other medical PG courses, with more and more medical students opting for it. It is a medical niche that deals with applying medical knowledge to prove facts in legal cases.

There are four streams one can pursue – Master of Surgery (MS), Doctor of Medicine (MD), Post Graduate Diploma or Diploma of National Board (DNB). Each has its merits and demerits and at the end, it is the enthusiasm and willingness to commit oneself that determines the outcome.