Does Cracking UPSC 2024 Require You To Have A Good Memory?

By Ishika S.

16 Feb, 2024

Wondering if you need to have a good memory to crack UPSC? Read this story to find out.


“Here’s what you need to know about UPSC and good memory”

No, you do not need to have a miraculous memory to crack UPSC. Not everyone has a good memory and retention capacity and that is perfectly normal. All you need to have is strong will and determination to crack UPSC.

Do You Need To Have Good Memory?

Why Don’t You Need To Have A Good Memory?

UPSC is not a test of memory. In fact, you do not have to memorize most of the things! What you need is a conceptual knowledge of everything and an ability to connect things.

You must know how to connect what you already know and study in depth. For Eg. You need to be able to connect the history of a place to its geography, its economic development and its political interaction with the current world.

You Should Learn How To Connect The Dots

UPSC Is All About Studying In Depth

If you analyse the UPSC question paper, you’ll draw a conclusion that there are almost no “What” questions. Most of them are Why, Critically Analyse or comment type questions and in order to get these questions right, your concepts need to be cleared.

So do not worry if you don’t have a miraculous memory. You can still crack UPSC if you clear your concepts and learn the ability to frame correct answers.