Does The Indian Education System Impact The Mental Health Of Students?

By Ishika S.

9th August, 2023

Mental health refers to a state of emotional, cognitive and behavioural wellbeing. It is all about the individual’s thought process and how it reflects feelings and behaviour.


“Here’s how the Indian education system impacts the mental health of students”

According to a survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation, it was found that 10% of school-going children in India suffer from mental health issues, with exam-related stress being a major contributor.

Does Indian Education System Impact Students Mental Health?

Factors Impacting Mental Health Of Students

According to a report, Mental health of adolescents is highly stigmatised and ignored in India. The education system has always been criticised for its unrealistic expectations from students, a rigid curriculum and exhaustive hours which impact the mental well being of students

The education system in India is still largely based on examinations and test scores which shoots up the stress and anxiety levels of students preparing for it.

Exams Cause Stress In Students

Peer Pressure

Many times, because of family or societal pressure, students are forced to choose courses they don't prefer and are coerced into studying them which is detrimental to their mental health.

Hence, peer pressure, exam stress, unrealistic academic expectations etc is how the Indian education system impacts students mental health.