When Drag Performances Met Hip-Hop In Hyderabad, For The First Time

July 25 2022

India’s first-ever Drag Cypher happened in Hyderabad. "Cypher is a gathering of rappers, beatboxers in a circle making music together. In recent years, the cypher has also grown to include the crowd and spectators who are integral to the group."

Cypher Hours Hyderabad, a team by Hyderabadi dancer Harsha Komet, Raj janagam and Tollywood celebrity Faria Abdullah opened their arms to include the rising drag community into the cypher hours.

On A Sunday afternoon, Drag artists Patruni Sastry, Smitin Bhosle, Drag kings Apoorva and Akki, assembled at the BCUBE boxing space in Hitech city, Madhapur, to participate in the Drag Cypher.

The performances started with a classical number juxtaposed with drag by Patruni followed by Smittin and Samaria. As and when the crowd started cheering Drag kings Akki and Rowdy LP Apoorva entered the seen and made the crowd go for gaga.

By the end of the event, Komet and Faria addressed the importance of inclusion of queer community time and again into art spaces and use their space to educate people on LGTBQIA+ Community. 

Drag Cypher was just an initial step towards diversifying the city art scene in Hyderabad, the country's new cultural capital. With more than 7 different dance numbers the cypher lasted for half an hour and was closed with “Born this way” by Lady Gaga.