Finding Love Through The Bollywood Song 'Mileya Mileya'

December 2 2022

I was on my way home after a long day at work listening to my playlist on the bus. The raindrops were mischievously sliding down the window I was resting my head against. 'Mileya Mileya' starts playing...


The song is from an album I don’t care for (from the film ‘Happy Ending’), but it’s close to my heart. It is one of those songs you go to when you need to cheer up. Soothing it is.

I take a deep breath to acknowledge my love for the song before putting it on a loop. The song talks about the secret love in every heart and the fruitless human effort to locate it.

The lyrics are warm and comforting, especially if you are in new love, or on a road trip sitting with your head out feeling like the protagonist of a movie as the wind caresses your face, before escaping with the scent of your hair.

The lyrics ‘Mileya Mileya Mujhe Par Meinu Janeya Nahi’ translate to I have found (love) but (he/love) doesn’t know me. These well-penned words struck a chord in my heart, and I realised that finding love and knowing love are two different things.

The harder part about love is knowing love. Don’t worry I’m not gonna strike the age-old questions like ‘What is love?' etc. There are no right or wrong answers to some questions, the key to finding the solution to these is the process of navigation.

To know love is to let everything go. ‘Je Mein Janiya Janiya Tujhe Phir Te Mein Bhuliya Sabhi’ translates to ‘as I got to know you (love) I forget about everything else. To know love is not about not knowing anything else.