My Flight To Bangalore Made Me Realise How Much Food We Waste

November 17 2021

I visited Bangalore in Air India, and during the journey, I noticed something which caught my attention. The lesson I took from the journey: do not waste food.

Food is one of the important things in life for which we all basically work for. Leaving aside all the wants and luxuries in life, food is important as it is required for our survival.

During my two-way trip, I saw my co-passengers wasting food. I am sure we all know how difficult it is to have food on board and the hard work behind it, from cooking, packaging, bringing it to the flight to finally serving the passengers.

While travelling to Bangalore from Delhi, a young couple was sitting adjacent to me. Since it was a morning flight, breakfast was served to us. It was a pretty decent meal—a coleslaw sandwich, vada accompanied by vegetable curry, a corn patty and a piece of chocolate brownie.

Honestly, I had the meal and the taste was reasonable, but the couple beside me took one spoon of each and then said "there is no salt", "there is no taste", "it's cold", and other things. You can say NO directly before taking the meal; at least someone else can have it.

I have witnessed such incidents earlier too, but I felt like sharing it now because I have realised that wasting even a small grain of food is a sin. Be grateful for the food you are getting and try not to waste any of it.