I’m A Gigolo From Mumbai, And Here’s My Story

JDec 11 2016

A dire financial situation forced Akash (name changed) to look for ways to make money. A friend of his, a seasoned gigolo, introduced him to his line of work.

Thick Brush Stroke


I’m paid big money for providing (and receiving) carnal pleasure. Money was what made me say ‘Yes’ to my friend’s invitation to join the business.

“I have shared a bed with housewives, corporate honchos, college students ,etc. They all have different stories but the same desire: the flawless boyfriend experience,” he adds.

The Clients

Social Censure

He’s careful to avoid the police glare. So far, he has never had any trouble with the men in uniform. He is also careful about keeping his profession a secret amongst his social circle.

In spite of the “fear and anxiety” of contracting an STD in his line of work, Akash is proud that this job enables him to take good care of his folks back home and save for their future.

His Motivations

Own Boss

Akash has no intention whatsoever to quit. He says that the ‘9 to 5’ job never attracted him anyway. Being a gigolo, he is his own boss.

But things would be still better if this trade was legalised, he feels. His rationale? It will give a tight slap to this outdated society.