How To Become A Data Scientist?

By Ishika S.

17th Aug, 2023

A data scientist uses data to understand and explain the phenomena around them, and help organizations make better decisions. It is now a very popular profession in India.


“Here’s how you can become a data scientist”

A bachelor’s degree can certainly help in getting you a data scientist job. Study data science, statistics, or computer science to get a leg up in the field.

Earn A Bachelors Degree In Science

Learn Necessary skills

After a degree in science it’s essential that you learn some of the skills like programming languages, data visualisation, machine learning etc.

Seek positions that work heavily with data, such as data analyst, business intelligence analyst, statistician, or data engineer.

Get Entry Level Job In Data

Data Scientists Vs Data Analysts

.Data scientists are expected to form their own questions about the data, while data analysts might support teams that already have set goals in mind.

So for becoming a data scientist start with studying about science, then get an entry level job and learn data handling, then you can become a data scientist.