How To Become A Judge In India?

By Ishika

29 September

Wondering how to become a judge in India? Check this web-story out to find more:


“Here’s how you can become a judge in India”

Educational Qualifications:

Obtain an LLB degree, typically a three-year course after graduation or you can do an integrated 5 year law course such as BBA LLB or BA-LLB too.

- Qualify in the relevant Judicial Services Examination conducted by the state's Public Service Commission, which includes multiple stages like prelims, mains, and interviews.

Clear Judicial Services Examination:

Work as a lawyer to build practical legal experience, which is crucial for becoming a judge. Building a strong legal career and reputation is essential for increasing your chances of becoming a judge.

Gain Experience as a Lawyer:

Apply for Judicial Positions

- Keep an eye on job openings for judicial positions in your desired state or union territory. - Apply for these positions after clearing the Judicial Services Examination and gaining the required experience. Successful candidates are appointed as judges in various courts.

Becoming a judge in India involves meeting educational and examination requirements, gaining legal experience, and applying for judicial vacancies in your chosen jurisdiction.