How To Get Through College With ADHD?

By Ishika S.

18 October

Managing college with ADHD can be challenging, but these four steps can help you navigate through it:


“Here’s how you can get through college with ADHD”

Seek Professional Guidance:

- Consult a healthcare professional or psychiatrist for an accurate diagnosis and medication options, if necessary. - Connect with your college's disability services office to explore academic accommodations.

- Find a quiet, distraction-free study environment. - Use techniques like the Pomodoro method (work for a set time, then take a short break), and employ active learning strategies.

Develop Study Strategies:

- Communicate with professors about your condition and academic needs. Seek clarification or additional resources when necessary. - Build a support network of friends, family, or a counselor who understands your challenges.

Leverage Support:

Organize and Plan:

- Create a structured daily schedule or use digital tools to manage your time and tasks. - Break assignments into smaller, manageable tasks, and use to-do lists and reminders.

These are some of the tips that can help you study better with ADHD.