How To Learn Hindi Typing In Computer?

By Ishika S

20 October

Learning Hindi typing on a computer can be made easier with consistent practice and the right approach.


Here are four key points to help you learn Hindi typing more easily:

Familiarise Yourself with the Hindi Keyboard Layout:

- Ensure that your computer keyboard is set to the Hindi keyboard layout. You can switch between different keyboard layouts in your computer's settings. - Familiarize yourself with the layout of Hindi characters, also known as the Inscript layout.t.

- Use typing software and online tools designed for learning Hindi typing, such as Sonma Typing-Expert or Google Input Tools. - These tools often provide lessons and exercises that guide you through the typing process and help improve your speed and accuracy.

Consistent Practice:

- Practice is key to becoming proficient in Hindi typing. Set aside dedicated time each day to practice typing in Hindi. - Start with simple words and sentences, and gradually progress to more complex texts.

Practice Regularly:

Transcribe Hindi Texts:

- Transcribe Hindi texts from newspapers, books, or websites as a way to apply your typing skills and learn new vocabulary. - You can also practice by translating English sentences into Hindi and typing them.

Learning to type in Hindi takes time, but consistent practice and use of the appropriate tools can help you improve your skills. Over time, you'll become more comfortable and efficient in typing in Hindi on your computer.