How To Prepare For JPSC?

By Ishika S.

4th September

Want to prepare for JPSC and want the best preparation tips? Check this webstory till the end to find out.


“Here’s how you can prepare for JPSC”

Aspiring candidates must first focus on understanding the syllabus and exam pattern well and then move on to the actual preparation part.

Know Your Syllabus Well

Be Thorough With Jharkhand History

Study about Jharkhand’s history, current affair etc very well. Since JPSC is a state based exam you need to know everything about the state thoroughly.

It is essential for the candidates to attempt enough mock tests in order to feel confident about their exam preparation. This is essential to know how much time does the paper take you.

Give Multiple Mock Tests

Make Crisp Notes

Candidates should make their own notes as this would help them with speedier revision and better content retention.

These are some of the best JPSC preparation tips. Hope these were helpful. :)