How to prepare for UPSC English paper

By Aditi Tulsyan

21 July, 2023

The main objective of this English paper is to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in comprehending serious descriptive prose and expressing their ideas with accuracy and clarity.


Here are a few tips to prepare for UPSC English paper. 

Strengthen Vocabulary

Enhance your vocabulary through regular reading, use of word lists, and learning synonyms, antonyms, and idioms.

Read diverse content, including newspapers, magazines, literature, and online articles, to improve comprehension and critical reading skills.

Reading Practice

Practice writing essays on various topics, emphasizing coherent arguments and logical structuring. Use simple language.  

Essay Writing

Precis Writing & Comprehension:

Sharpen your precis writing skills and practice answering comprehension passages with accuracy and speed.

Follow these tips and remember to brush up on English grammar rules, to ensure error-free writing.