How To Start Business With Rs 50,000?

By Ishika S.

14th August, 2023

Indian families and markets are best known for their confined budgets. Thus, it is difficult to cultivate business ideas within a confined budget. There are many businesses who started small and are successful.


“Some business ideas to start with Rs 50,000 In India are”

A small food stall like that of popular Indian street food like noodles, momo etc are liked by most people and is a great idea for a business under Rs 50,000.

Food Trucks/Stalls


Photography is a booming business idea which you can start with basic Equipments and can be started under Rs 50,000. Wedding shoots and party shoots have high demand and high pay.

Tutoring is another great business idea under Rs 50,000. The only investment required here is a small establishment for offline tutoring and a computer set up for online tutoring.



Salon and parlour are necessary for the women to groom themselves and is a great business idea with Rs 50,000 investments. All a salon requires is well-practised staff and infrastructure to support the business.

Some small businesses ideas under ₹50,000 that have grown dramatically in recent years are food and grocery delivery, online tutorials, photography etc.