How To Study For CAT From YouTube?

By Ishika S.

22 April, 2024

Wondering how to study for CAT from YouTube? Check this web story out for more.


Here’s a structured approach to studying for the CAT exam using YouTube:

Start by researching and identifying reputable YouTube channels that offer CAT preparation content. Look for channels run by experienced educators or coaching institutes with a track record of producing successful CAT candidates. Subscribing to these channels will ensure access to high-quality study materials and strategies.

1. Identify Reliable Channels:

2. Organise Your Learning:

Create a structured study plan based on the topics covered in the CAT syllabus. Utilize the playlists or categorized videos provided by these YouTube channels to organize your learning according to different sections such as Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning.

Begin your study sessions by watching conceptual videos that explain fundamental concepts and problem-solving techniques. Pause the videos as needed to grasp complex topics thoroughly. Make sure to take notes and actively engage with the content to reinforce your understanding.

3. Watch Conceptual Videos:

4. Practice with Mock Tests and Question Solutions:

After covering the conceptual videos, practice solving CAT-level questions by watching video solutions provided by the YouTube channels. Analyze the approaches used by the instructors to tackle different types of questions and apply them to your own practice sessions. Additionally, attempt full-length mock tests available on these channels to simulate the exam environment and evaluate your progress.

In conclusion, YouTube can be a valuable resource for CAT preparation, offering access to comprehensive study materials, expert guidance, and ample practice opportunities. By leveraging reputable channels, organizing your learning, watching conceptual videos, and practicing with mock tests, you can effectively supplement your preparation and enhance your chances of success in the CAT exam.