Why Are IAS Officers Treated Like Gods?

August 8 2020

It  became only a “noble job” among other jobs. This “Ideal type” idiom of giving supreme divinity and hallmark of patriotism to humans and their duties is itself against the “Steel Frame” philosophy.

Hard exams, rigorous training, and a highly responsible work profile made only the best among all to enter in services. But ‘divinity’ and ‘ideal type’ should not be the rewards for such entries.

There are three challenges in assigning such noble divinity. First, it erodes the contemporary professional work ethos in civil services and makes it transcendental to pragmatic scrutiny in employee-employer setup.

Second, it gives birth to extreme and unhealthy competition. We need to see this naïve competition from the perspective of fewer job opportunities in other sectors of the economy. Everyone curses capitalism for the consequences of unhealthy competition.

The third is the rise of the coaching class industry. These institutes focus less on self-learning and create a vicious cycle where students were kept away from the true and wise analysis of their diverse opportunities. 

Beyond recognizing their utmost service to the country and pure intentions to work for the welfare of the people, it is necessary to change the divinity and “ideal type” idiom in Indian civil services for its own sake and psychological justice to other professions .