Internship Career Objective For Graduates

By Internshala

Sep 29, 2017

Unemployability and skill gap are two massive problems which need to be tackled right away. Internships are the solution for this issue.


Our country has the youngest workforce yet  millions of graduates struggle to find a job.

An internship will help you learn skills which are relevant to your profile, giving you an edge over your peers.

Skill Development

Work Experience

Over 40% of the internships on Internshala come with pre-placement offers (PPO), and you might have a good chance of landing a job at the organisation where you are interning.

The internship experience would give an insight of the industry, equipping you with knowledge of latest tools and understanding of the technologies.

Industry Insight


An internship is your first opportunity to work with a team outside the classrooms, and it will help you develop interpersonal relationships and strengthen your network.

Getting a job is extremely competitive, and an internship experience will make you stand out among your peers.