Job Opportunities For Economic Graduates In India?

By Ishika S.

22nd August, 2023

BA Economics degree opens up diverse career paths across various sectors. Graduates may find opportunities in: Banking and finance, Economic analysis and great roles in banks.


“Here are some job opportunities for economic graduates in India”

An Economics degree holder can try for private and foreign banks. The banking job profiles available are branch managers, clerks etc.

Private And Foreign Banks

Economic Consultant

Economics graduates can work independently as economic consultants. In the case of the private sector different scientific research and consulting, firms can offer excellent job opportunities.

An actuarial analyst is a person who is responsible for analysing and managing the financial risks of the business. If you choose this as after B.A. Economics jobs, then you can make a lucrative career in the finance sector.

Actuarial Analyst

Market Analyst

As a marketing analyst, your job is to conduct research for understanding customers’ needs and demands, Check the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy of the business and work on improving it as per needs.

These are some of the best career options for economics graduate in India that earns great money.