Job Opportunities For Fashion Design Graduates In India?

By Ishika S.

22nd August, 2023

Fashion designing is an ever-evolving industry that offers a wide range of career opportunities. It is a great degree for you that can fetch you amazing jobs if you are a fashion enthusiast


“Here are some great job opportunities for fashion designing graduates in India”

Fashion designers are the most sought after career choice after pursuing fashion designing. They are incharge of making new clothes based on trends and introducing new fashion trends in the market as well.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Stylist

Fashion styling is a new big thing in the fashion industry and has taken over Bollywood as well. A fashion stylist does not primarily design or make clothes. They create a look. They coordinate with clients and create a look for them as per the events.

A fashion consultant is the person who makes fashion decisions based on trends etc. They are keen observers and the ones offering ideas on what to create according to the demand in the market.

Fashion Consultant

Fashion Illustrator

A fashion illustrator is the one who draws or illustrates the designer’s ideas and give it definition. Their role is to make a proper sketch of what the fashion designer desires and explains so that it can be further processed into products.

These are some of the best career choices you can make after pursuing a degree in fashion designing. They will earn you great money.