My Rendezvous With The Internet of Things

By- Internshala

06th Feb, 2020

When my vacations were about to start, I received an email from Internshala regarding online training programs that were going to be offered. I checked them out and loved the wide range of courses that were being offered.


"I checked them out and loved the wide range of courses that were being offered. I wanted to learn 4-5 skills, but was most intrigued by the Internet of Things (IoT) training."

I registered for the program, which started with an introductory video. The interface was very intuitive and easy to understand. The training was divided into four modules.

Joining Internshala

Learning Experience

Coding was always a bit difficult for me, but the step-by-step introduction to the language and videos for further details helped me master the basics. Other things I learned were JavaScript and the use of CSS in JavaScript.

The second module focused on the hardware part. I had received the required kit before the beginning of the training, and it contained more than sufficient components for the various experiments that were part of the program.

Getting Training Kits!

Tests And Certificate

I enjoyed the tests at the end of every module. They acted as keys to unlock the treasure that was the next module. At the end of the course, there was an exam too, and it was mandatory to clear the exam in order to get the coveted certificate.

With improved skills and an important certificate, I soon became the core committee member of the student forum for the famous professional society Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers