My Stay In A Bengaluru PG Took A Toll On My Mental Health

August 5 2022

Sometime back, I lived in Premium PG in Marathahalli, Bengaluru. The humiliation I faced there, made me share my experience as I haven't gotten closure yet with respect to what happened to me that day.

The negativity and mental harassment I faced there was intolerable. To be precise, the men who run it are a bunch of mean, fear mongers, without the basic, behavioural traits required to live in a civil society.

They used to knock my door every now and then, just to tell me not to dry my clothes outside the window, as according to them, the neighbour had complained about the PG guests and the PG management had no clue who dried clothes outside the window.

Every now and then, with petty excuses, they would knock on my door... Either to repair something or to install something in the room. If they weren't done with the interior work, the could have rented the PG once everything was done.

Once, I was standing in front of the PG gate, talking to a male friend for hardly five minutes. The PG caretaker instantly said that I shouldn't stand in front of the gate that was overlooking another house. This was moral policing.

"Girl and boy talking not right, ma," they said and told me not to ask why, repeatedly, in an intimidating manner. I wish I had filed a case with the police to condemn the PG management against moral policing and mental harassment.