5 Reasons Why 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' Is My Favourite SRK Film

November 28 2022

Being an ardent Srkian, I have almost watched all of his films. However Kal Ho Naa Ho amidst all his movies stays with me because it taught me to enjoy each and every moment of life 'Kyonki Kya Pata Kal Ho Naa Ho.

Fragile hearts often become devoid of hope because the grief they endured prevents them from expecting happiness . Naina is the same. Since childhood, she always yearned for the love of her father, who left her too early, turning her into a pessimist.

We could all relate to Naina as it takes time for a broken soul to heal and more time for one to believe that the void inside them could be refilled with love. However, it was Aman who rekindled the ray of hope in her drab world, teaching her how to smile.

Carpe Diem is an intrinsic theme of this film and has been depicted through various instances and monologues, yet it becomes ironical when a terminally ill person preaches this theme. Aman had numbered days, but within these days, he gave others happiness.

Most love stories depict the intensity and madness a lover possess that empowers him to woo his beloved, triumphing over any hurdle, but Kal Ho Naa Ho depicted loving someone by letting go of that person.

No matter how many times I rewatch this film, I can't refrain from crying during the last half of the film, where Naina discovers Aman's lies and realizes his unwavering love towards her is the reason behind his lies. It takes an ounce of my heart to witness it.