Tips For Effective Reading

By Ishika S.

25 September

Wondering how to read effectively? Check out this web story for some reading tips that might be helpful.


“Here are some tips for effective reading”

Set A Reading Goal

Always start with having a reading goal. Determine how much do you want to read before hand. This makes the reading process easier as you know how much you have to cover in one go.

Always take notes of important things that you read. This helps you understand the text better and is helpful for revision purposes also.

Take Notes While You Read For Better Understanding

Try breaking up the reading into smaller sections. Every time you finish a certain amount of pages or paragraphs, reward yourself with a quick break.

Read In Smaller Sections

Limit Distractions

While reading, stay away from your phone and other distractions. This way you’ll understand and retain what you’re reading better.

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These were some of the best tips for effective reading. Hope the web story was helpful.