How To Begin A Career In Data Science

By Internshala

July 28, 2021

Data-driven job roles are growing extensively lately, encouraging the youth to educate themselves and skill up for different domains such as logistics, business intelligence, machine learning, data architecture, and data science.


Opting for a career in data science seems lucrative today as it is in demand across industries.

Data science is one such core job that has witnessed visible growth and given career opportunities to various professionals skilled in coding, analytics, maths, statistics, and data visualization.

What Is Data Science

Soft And Job Skills

Data scientists are expected to solve complex real-world problems based on data trends and thus, a combination of soft skills and specific profile or job-related skills is required.

During your undergraduate period, if you are uncertain about your interests you could enrol in a beginner-friendly data science training.

Data Science Training

Data Science Internship

After learning and practising the beginner level concepts of data science by doing an internship would help you develop and refine your skill in data science.

Your understanding of general happenings, knowledge of the field, and familiarity with different data science leaders impress your recruiters and helps you get your favourite job opportunity.