Tips To Study Effectively And Become A Topper?

By Ishika S.

25th August, 2023


“Here are some tips to study effectively and become the topper of the class”

You must know how to work smart not hard. You don’t study day and night to become a topper, but when you study, stay away from distractions and study with full concentration.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Always study what’s important first, for eg study the topics with the highest weightage thoroughly so that you can get good marks.

Prioritise Your Syllabus

Don’t Rely On Last Minute Preps

Toppers never rely on last minute preparations as it becomes very difficult to retain information last minute and also causes panic. Toppers use the last minute to only revise what they already know.

Always revise what you’ve studied during the day before sleeping at night. This helps you retain information better and stores it in your memory. You won’t forget what you’ve studied.

Develop A Habit Of Revising Regularly

Eat Clean And Exercise

Apart from studying, you must also take care of your nutrition and move your body. Take breaks between studies so that you don’t have a burnout. Taking care of your health is also extremely important and shouldn’t be ignored.

These are some tips that will help you top your class. Hope it helped you, all the best. :)