What Are The 5 Good Habits Of Topper Students?

By Ishika S.

25th August, 2023


“Here are 5 good habits that are toppers of the class have”

Toppers of the classes don’t skip classes very frequently. They stay on track with the syllabus and what’s being taught.

Toppers Attend Classes Regularly

A very good quality of a topper is that they always revise after classes. This keeps them prepared for exam in advance.

Toppers Revise Regularly

Toppers Don’t Rely On Last Minute Preps

Toppers never rely on last minute preparations as it becomes very difficult to retain information last minute and also causes panic. Toppers use the last minute to only revise what they already know.

The best quality of the student who tops the class is the ability to stay curious. Toppers always ask questions and have an appetite for learning new things.

Toppers Stay Curious

Toppers Work Smart, Not Hard.

Most importantly toppers work smart not hard. They don’t study day and night, but when they study they study with full concentration.

These are some good habits that the toppers of the class have and you too can become a topper if you try to inculcate these habits in your day to day life.