Toppers Who Cleared UPSC Without Coaching

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

29th August, 2023

There are many that work really hard and get into their dream job without getting proper coaching done. Let’s have a look at some UPSC toppers who did it without coaching!


Here are a few toppers who cleared UPSC without coaching?

Kajal Jawla achieved a rank of 28 all over India. She managed to get this rank without going for any coaching. She even worked for 9 hours every day and also led a married life. This was her fifth attempt to clear the UPSC exam and it was definitely worth the wait!

Kajal Jawla

Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta was a professional chartered accountant who had decided to appear for the UPSC exam. She got an all India rank of 121 in 2017. This was her very first attempt at the exam, and she cleared with passing colours.

Sandeep Chaudhary

Following his own ideology, Sandeep did not take any coaching for his attempt at IAS. He cleared with flying colours.  He achieved an all India rank of 158 when he cracked the exam.

What Can You Learn From These Toppers?

The accounts of such toppers are many. It is not an easy task to clear the UPSC exam for sure but many do it without availing any coaching for the exam.

This means that if you have the will, you can clear the exam no matter what your situation. Stay true to your goals and put in the work, results will come.