Toughest Courses After 12th In India

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

11th August, 2023

The question students in the country often ask is ‘Which is the toughest course in India?’ The answer to that question is not so simple as various courses are difficult for multiple reasons, and one cannot just pick one course out and call it India’s toughest course.


Here are some of the toughest courses in India

 To prepare for this exam, you need to study in great detail, cover the given vast syllabus and have great intelligence. UPSC conducts this examination every year in three phases: The preliminary exam, the main exam, and an interview. These are among the most difficult exams in the world, which is why it is the toughest course to study.

Civil Services


Only with a good rank in the NEET exam, will you be able to get admission into a good medical institute. Medical courses include some of the most difficult programs in the world. MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is the toughest medical course that requires you to study for at least 5 years.

Individuals need to gain knowledge and experience to come up with the required designs, and they must be skilled to know which methods and techniques to use in certain situations. Taking up this course requires a lot of willpower and perseverance, which will help in continuing with the course and completing it.


Chartered Accountant

CA is the toughest course in commerce. The curriculum of the chartered accountancy course is vast and requires a lot of intelligence, perseverance, and hard work. This course is not tough due to its passing score but because individuals pursuing a career in this field can get stuck in the further stages of chartered accountancy.

There are many courses for students to choose from that can also be taken up for a brighter future. It also depends on the candidate's efforts as well. So, choose wisely and come out with flying colours.