UPSC Mains 2023 Compulsory English Paper Syllabus

By Aditi Tulsyan

31  July, 2023

The paper aims to evaluate the reading and comprehension skills of a candidate  as well as their ability to effectively and correctly express their ideas.


Here is the UPSC mains 2023 English paper syllabus 

Reading Comprehension

To excel in this section, read the passage carefully, highlight important points in the first reading, and pay attention to direct cues in the questions. Keep your response clear and concise.

This is the most challenging section of the paper because compressing a 1000-word essay into one-third without losing its essence is difficult. Carefully read the passage and grasp the main ideas. Create a draft that includes all important points. Then, adjust it to fit into the provided boxes. Use discretion while filling the boxes.

Precis Writing

The essay tests their ability to express their opinion and thoughts. To ensure that your essay is well-organized, it's best to structure it into three parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Brainstorm and plan out the structure before beginning to write.

Short Essay

Usage And Vocabulary

This section has easy one-mark questions. For example, questions like correcting a sentence, filling in the blanks, making sentences using phrases, etc. Finish them quickly, as they won't take much time.

The English language syllabus fouces on your language skills, comprehension abilities, and essay-writing proficiency. It is essential to prepare effectively for these papers to qualify for the UPSC mains examination.