What Are The Toughest Sports In The World?

By Ishika

19 September

Wondering what are the toughest sports to master in? Check this web story out to find more.


“Here are the toughest sports in the world”

Boxing is the toughest sports in the world as stated by ESPN. Boxing indeed is extremely difficult to master in and it requires a ton of physical fitness, agility, speed, cardiovascular fitness, and skill.


Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is the second toughest sport and is crazy difficult as ice hockey involves racing around the ice for an hour, and there’s a ton of speed, strength, and agility required, not to mention the physicality required to fend off opponents.

Football is another sport that is super tough to master in. The game requires a lot of strength and endurance as once the game starts, you gotta keep running.



Even though basketball is essentially a non-contact sport, so the physicality component is low, it still requires a high degree of physical fitness and skill, from sprinting down the court, rapid directional changes, and shooting and dribbling. Basket ball is also one of the toughest sports of the world.

These were the toughest sports in the world according to the ESPN rankings. Hope the web story was helpful.