What Do Interns Do In Accounting?

By Ishika

15 November, 2023

Wondering what interns do in accounting? Check this webstory out for more.


“Here’s what interns do in accounting”

Bookkeeping and Data Entry:

Interns often engage in basic accounting tasks like bookkeeping and data entry. This involves recording financial transactions, updating ledgers, and maintaining accurate and organized financial records.

Interns may support the auditing process by helping gather and organize financial documents, conducting preliminary reviews, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards.

Assisting with Audits:

Interns might be involved in analyzing financial data, preparing reports, and creating spreadsheets to assist in financial decision-making. This can include budget analysis, variance analysis, and forecasting.

Financial Analysis:

Software Proficiency:

Interns often learn and use accounting software such as QuickBooks or Excel extensively. Acquiring proficiency in these tools is crucial for efficiently managing financial data and generating reports.

Interns may collaborate with accounting teams on special projects, such as process improvement initiatives or implementing new accounting software. This provides them with a broader understanding of the accounting profession and its evolving practices.