What Happens In Student Counselling? 

By Ishika S.

4th Aug, 2023

Counselling is well known for its problem-solving techniques and effectiveness at dealing with addiction, depression and anxiety for students.


“Here’s what happens in student counselling”

During the first one or two sessions, the counsellor gathers basic information about student concerns, overall health, daily life, goals for service and other background information.

Initial Steps In Student Counselling

Student Counsellors Work With Students

Student counselors work with students, parents, and educators to help the students succeed academically and socially.

They provide one-on-one emotional guidance and help students plan for their futures by guiding them in building a career.

Student Counsellors Provide Emotional Support

How Does Student Counselling Work?

Throughout counseling, student and counselor work collaboratively to increase the understanding and coping skills of the student and use other campus and community resources appropriately.

The goal of individual student counselling sessions is to create a positive relationship between the counselor and student and give the student a safer place to share details about their lives and problems.