What Is The 1-3-7-21 Revision Method?

By Ishika S.

29 November, 2023

Wondering what is the 1-3-7-21 revision method? Check this web story out to find out more.

Start by thoroughly reading the material for the first time, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the content.

Initial Reading:

Next-Day Revision:

The day after your initial reading, revisit the material. This short-term review helps reinforce the information in your memory, taking advantage of the spacing effect.

After three days, revisit the content again. This helps strengthen your memory through spaced repetition, allowing you to recall information more effectively.

3 Day Review:

7 Day Review:

A week later, go over the material once more. This reinforces the information at an interval that enhances long-term retention, preventing the forgetting curve.

21 Day Review:

Finally, revisit the material after 21 days. This extended spacing is designed to solidify the information in your long-term memory, making it more likely to be retained for an extended period.

By following this 1-3-7-21 revision technique, you're leveraging the psychological principles of spaced repetition to optimize learning and commit the information to your long-term memory.