What Is The 2-3-5-7 Rule For Revision?

By Ishika

29 November, 2023

The "2-3-5-7 Rule" for revision is a spaced repetition technique designed to enhance memory retention.


Here's a breakdown of the rule:

Review the material two days after your initial study session. This short interval helps reinforce the information in your short-term memory.

2 Days:

3 Days:

After another three days, revisit the content. This slightly longer gap aids in transferring the information from short-term memory to more stable long-term memory.

Review the material again after five days. This extended spacing further strengthens your memory and helps combat the natural forgetting curve.

5 Days:

7 Days:

The final review occurs after a week. This reinforces the information, enhancing your ability to recall it over the long term.

By systematically spacing out your reviews with the 2-3-5-7 Rule, you take advantage of the spacing effect, optimizing the intervals for efficient and lasting memory retention.