What Is The 1-3-7 Revision Strategy?

By Ishika

29 November, 2023

The "1-3-7 Revision Strategy" is a spaced repetition technique designed to optimize memory retention.


Here's a detailed explanation:

Start by thoroughly studying the material on the first day. This initial exposure is crucial for building a foundation of understanding.

1. Initial Review (1 day):

2. First Revision (Day 2):

The day after your initial learning session, revise the material. This short-term review helps reinforce the information in your short-term memory, preventing rapid forgetting.

After three days, revisit the content for a second time. This moderate spacing enhances the transfer of information from short-term to long-term memory, making it more likely to stick.

3. Second Revision (Day 4):

4. Third Revision (Day 8):

On the seventh day, review the material again. This extended interval further solidifies the information in your memory, enhancing your ability to recall it over the long term.

By incorporating spaced repetition with the 1-3-7 Revision Strategy, you leverage the psychological principle that distributing learning over time is more effective than cramming. This approach optimizes memory retention and improves your overall grasp of the material.