What Is The Daily Routine Of Toppers?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

29th August, 2023

Every toppers study time table will have a few common key points that will help them climb the ladder to success. These points are essential to keep in mind for creating an effective toppers study time table.


Here is how you can prepare a daily routine like a topper

Study routine of toppers often includes waking up early. The key to productivity for many prosperous people is getting up early. The majority of high performers who receive exceptional grades follow a schedule that involves rising early.

1. Start Your Day Early

2. Strategize All Your Moves

Some students need a lot of time to prepare, while others just need a few days. Therefore, everything depends on individual capabilities, but this toppers study time table will be useful for those who require direction or a systematic approach to planning. Study routine of toppers is often strategic.

Make a lot of room for your strong subjects in the time table. Ensure that there is no room left for mistakes in the strong subjects.

3. Focus On Your Strongest Subjects

4. Tend to Your Weakest Subjects

You will always encounter topics that are more challenging than the others, whether you are a top student or an average student. Give weak subjects attention early in the day in your time table or when their productivity is at its highest.

A timetable doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work hard 24/7. A timetable of a topper student is meant to have a smart approach. Working hard is not always the best strategy for success.